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New Talents We Are Jury!

[25 26 27 28 and 29 October] 


 We face this voting process  with judgment and commitment . The Jury vote in the final round will be counted from 0:00 am Buenos Aires local time on October 27 to 10 PM on the same day.


Introduction Jury. 

In this talk you can learn more about advertising festivals 

and the relevance they have in the industry. And there are also great tips for your creative life.

Made by Micho Sánchez, a Colombian creative based in Mexico. During his 15-year career he has been a judge and winner at festivals such as Cannes Lions, New York Festival, New Blood D&D.


Voting is not available mobile version.

 Final round.

Idea Review. Déjanos tu feedback de esta idea en competencia.

Jury voting.

Deja tu feedback. Hasta 1000 caracteres. 

Vote Sent!

Programming. We Bendita Festival.

27.9.21.  l Start of registration of parts.

27.9. twenty-one  l Beginning of sworn registration.

10.21.21 l Payroll Presidents of the jury.

10.24.21 l Closing of jury registrations. 

25.10.21 l Start of voting Shortlist Jury.

25.10.21 l Start of Voting Fan Jury.

26.10.21 l Announcement Shortlist.

10.27.21 l Mexico Art & Advertising Talk.

10/27/21 l Matías Celis VIP Room VMLY & R Commerce Argentina.

10.28.21 l Announcement of winners.

10.28.21l Luis Núñez Publicis Mexico VIP Room.

10.29.21l Mauricio Obregón Ogilvy Colombia VIP Room.

* The schedule may be modified without prior notice.

Invited agencies in competition.

Ogilvy Miami
McCann CR
Publicis PE
Ogilvy BR
Alma DDB
TracyLocke DDB BR
Ogilvy Colombia

* The payroll  Agency may be modified without prior notice.

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